Will This Year be any Different from the Last?

by singaporearmchaircritic

So now Big Brother has proven that nothing in essence has changed. With a single act, any goodwill it has cultivated through months of “engaging citizens” via the National Conversation and the social media has now gone down the drain.

But as Alex Au wrote in his response to media queries over Lee Hsien Loong’s letter of demand to remove his earlier blog posts, “This should not distract from the issue of the sale of town council software to Action Information Management Pte Ltd”.

Few of us have Alex’s courage, and many of us who have been following and/or commenting on the developments of the AIM incident are now sobered by the very real threat of legal action from none other than our political chief.

Yet exercising greater caution in commenting about the AIM incident does not mean we should be cowed into silence.

Big Brother still owes us, citizens of Singapore and residents of constituencies, a satisfactory reply for the Town Council-AIM transaction.

So dear readers, this is what we CAN do.

Send an email to your MP(s) to demand for answers. Go to The Online Citizen, use the template letter and add in your details. It will only take a few minutes of your time but every email counts.

Then urge your Singaporean friends to do the same too, via Facebook, Twitter, or any other channels as you see fit.

If you blog, feel free to share this blog post or write your own with a link to The Online Citizen page as I have done here.

Show PAP we are concerned and we would not be silenced.

At the start of every new year, many of us would ask ourselves,

“Will this year be any different from the last?”

It’s up to you.

If we do not take action now, let me tell you, 2016 will not be any different from today. We will continue to lament the same issues we face now.